H.E. Heather & Co is a family owned and operated business with almost 100 years of colourful history built across several generations. The team at H.E. Heather & Co understands the importance of personal and professional service to customers and suppliers alike, while dealing in high quality fruit and vegetables. From humble beginnings originally in the Roma Street Markets, the business has grown extensively to accommodate the needs of the broader community.





customer service

Our staff members are focused on providing the best possible service and we achieve this by maintaining long-term relationships. These relationships have been the foundation of our growth and are the secret to our success and therefore, we believe to be the success of our committed suppliers and loyal customers.





fresh produce

H.E. Heather & Co has grown from a small Queensland base to an international marketing firm in the fruit and vegetable industry with a long established reputation at the Brisbane Markets. Without doubt, this growth has been achieved through personalised service and the solid guarantee of quality in everything we do. We feel we can achieve this standard by focusing on a few key product lines and specializing in just a handful of categories.


quality assurance


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Above all, H.E. Heather & Co is committed to its Quality Assurance program and honouring our Agreements with our suppliers. These are strict standards within our industry that we both welcome and robustly adhere to.