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The H.E. Heather & Co Story – THEN...

The original Mr. H.E. Heather had been in the fruit trade practically all his life. He commenced business in the late 1800’s in Covent Garden Markets, London, where he sold bananas when the English people hardly understood what they were - he having to educate prospective buyers as to the nutrient value of the fruit before they would take to them.

Mr Heather came to Queensland in 1912 and commenced here as a grocer and produce merchant at East Brisbane where he built up a flourishing business. He sold out and started in the Roma Street Markets in 1922. From that time on, he carried on a very successful business as a banana and fruit merchant and became known for handling only the very choicest of fruit.

Bananas were his speciality and these he would send all over Australia… 


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H.E. Heather & Co.’s most recent company history stretches back some 50 years when in 1969, Ted Beaton at the age of 28 began his own business buying fruit and vegetables for the Independent Grocery (IG) Stores. Within 10 years, Ted had purchased two banana sections from Jack Heather and having been given permission to use the H.E. Heather name – he then created the catchy logo and current insignia of “Grow and Go with H.E. Heather & Co”.

There was a brief transport venture in the company’s history, which saw the H.E. Heather & Co fleet grow to 25-odd refrigerated vans before Ted sold the division in 1990 so as to return the focus back to fruit and vegetables and the primary wholesale floor. It was about the same time that Ted welcomed his son Troy and fruit specialist Sam Haddad into the family company. Troy remembers it as a truly colourful era for the Brisbane Markets where old-school salesmen wore leather aprons while they spruiked their fruity wares to customers. Troy remembers there being loud and boisterous banter between the many memorable characters within the market community that made for eye-opening conversation! That lively environment continues to this day.

In 1998 came the realisation that the company should be specialising in a handful of big, popular lines such as tomatoes, papaw and mangoes (rather than try to operate like a large retailer) that has seen their modern business really take off. A gradual accumulation of warehousing during the last 20 years has seen H.E. Heather & Co acquire over 2500 sqm of prime storage and ripening facilities to accommodate its growth.

H.E. Heather & Co.’s experienced and loyal staff collectively offer vast knowledge via an always professional approach. Our aim is to effectively market and reliably supply quality, safe fresh produce to our customers so as to service the needs of the consumer and the community every day.


meet the  team 

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meet the team

H.E. Heather & Co’s experienced and loyal staff collectively offer vast knowledge via an always professional approach. Our aim is to utilise this experience so as to meet the expectations of our mission statement.


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Troy has worked in the fruit and veg industry for almost 25 years and boasts expertise in tomatoes. Ted’s son, Troy manages the H.E. Heather & Co Team and also monitors food safety elements through the Quality Assurance Program. He is in close contact with our certified growers on a regular basis to share industry updates.

Contact: 0419 662 293

Sam has worked at the Brisbane
Markets for close to 30 years and is
focused on maintaining a sales floor
filled with premium produce. Whether it be
the year-round supply of papaw or those
ever-changing seasonal fruits such as
mangoes, Sam is committed to offering a
reliable supply to our largest customers.

Contact: 0407 126 335

Jorge has over 20 years experience
in the Brisbane Markets and has developed his expertise in the fields of avocados,
figs and mangoes. He has built a solid base of customers providing consistently high quality produce procured from our broad grower base. A complete understanding customer requirements and specifications
is vital in this industry and Jorge has achieved this in his honest approach to
his clientele.

Contact: 0439 405 741


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Julia has been with H.E. Heather & Co
for 7 years. She brings to the team an abundance of market experience and oversees the management of client accounts and the business’s general finances.

Peter has 25 years market experience and
currently fulfills the roles of Warehouse/Operations
and Quality Assurance Manager. Peter has also
built relationships with many growers throughout
the country and constantly informing them of QA developments within the industry.

Contact: 0458 005 044

Ted boasts almost 50 years of industry experience and is still now involved in the day to day administrative operations of H.E. Heather & Co. This personal and long-time involvement guarantees suppliers and customers are privy to the utmost industry knowledge and know their business is in safe, stable and successful hands.


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